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 Title  Authors  Corresponding Author  Title of Journal  Year  Volume  Page
 Emergence of Flocks with Local Interactions  Ge Chen,etc.    WCICA会议  2012    
 Drug-Target Interaction Prediction by Random Walk on the Heterogeneous Network  Xing Chen,etc.  Guiying Yan  Molecular BioSystems  2012  8  1970-1978
 RWRMDA: predicting novel human microRNA-disease associations  Xing Chen,etc.  Guiying Yan  Molecular BioSystems  2012  8  2792-2798
 Prediction of disease-related interactions between microRNAs and environmental factors based on a semi-supervised classifier  Xing Chen,etc.  Guiying Yan  PLoS ONE  2012  7  1-10
 Using Smith Forms to Compute All the Singularities of Rational Planar Curves  Xiaohong Jia,etc.  Xiaohong Jia  Computer Aided Geometric Design  2012  29  296-314
 Modeling RNA degradation  for RNA-Seq with applications  Lin Wan,etc.    Biostatistics  2012    
 CEDER: Accurate detection  of differentially  expressed genes by  combining significance of exons using RNA-Seq  Lin Wan,etc.    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics  2012  9  128
 Hybridization and  amplification rate  correction for affymetrix SNP arrays  Lin Wan,etc.  Lin Wan  BMC Medical Genomics  2012  5  24
 Intermediate long wave systems for internal waves  Li XU,etc.  Li XU  Nonlinearity  2012  25  44
 High speed interpolation for micro-line trajectory and adaptive real-time look-ahead scheme in CNC machining  Lixian Zhang,etc.  Lixian Zhang  Science in China Series E  2012  54  148
 Error reduction of the adaptive conforming and nonconforming finite element methods with red-green refinement  Xuying Zhao,etc.    Numerische Mathematik  2012    
 Global self-weighted and local quasi-maximum exponential likelihood estimators for ARMA-GARCH/IGARCH models  Ke Zhu,etc.  Shiqing Ling  Annals of Statistics  2011  39  213
 Likelihood ratio tests for the structural change of an AR(p) model to a threshold AR(p) model  Ke Zhu,etc.  Ke Zhu  Journalof time series analysis  2012  33  223
 Bayesian false discovery rates for post-translational modification proteomics  Yan Fu,etc.  Yan Fu  Statistics and Its Interface  2012  5  47
 Serrin-type blowup criterion for full compressible Navier-Stokes system  Xiangdi, Huang,etc.  Jing, Li  Accepted by Archive. Rational. Mechanic. Analysis  2012    
 Global strong solution with vacuum to the 2D nonhomogeneous incompressible MHD system  Xiangdi, Huang,etc.  Yun, Wang  Accepted by Journal of Differential Equations  2012    
 A Serrin Criterion for Compressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows  Xiangdi, Huang,etc.  Yun, Wang Accepted by Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences  2012    
 On feedback capability in a class of nonlinearly parameterized uncertain systems  Chanying Li,etc.  Lei Guo  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL  2011  56  2946-2951
 Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Permanent Magnet Linear Motor  Tao Hu,etc.  Wenchao Xue  第31届中国控制会议  2012    296
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