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Prof. ZHOU Xiangyu Elected as the CAS Academician
 Date:20-12-2013 Page Views:
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Prof. ZHOU Xiangyu, from AMSS was elected as the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician for his contributions on several complex variables.

Prof.ZHOU solved the extended future tube conjecture which was posed in 1950's and widely studied by the schools of Bogolyubov’s and Wightman’s when they studied quantum field theory and Hilbert's 6th problem, and was listed as an open problem in the “Encyclopedia of Mathematics”. He proved the Sergeev conjecture about the characterization of a matrix Reinhardt domain being a domain of holomorphy. He found in a unified way a criteria of envelope of holomorphy of certain invariant domains to be univalent. He also initiated a method to approach an L2 extension problem with optimal estimate and solved the problem with various applications (together with his student).

Prof. ZHOU Xiangyu got his Ph.D. degree at Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow) in 1999. He was honored with the Second Class Prize of National Natural Science Award in 2004. Besides, he was the invited speaker of International Congress of Mathematicians in 2002, and the invited keynote speaker of Abel Symposium in 2013.

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