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Prof. LIN Qun Elected as the SIAM Fellow
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Prof. LIN Qun was elected as the 2015 SIAM (The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Fellow for his contributions to numerical methods for partial differential equations and integral equations.

Prof. LIN Qun focuses on the computational math and its applications. He is one of the authors who firstly proposed super convergence for integral equations, and is the first time to build and clarify the extrapolation theory of FEM for differential equations. Further, he gave the extrapolation, with the derivative super convergence, for discontinuous FEM for 2-d hyperbolic equations. He established the lower bound theory of the eigenvalues by non-conforming FEMs. His results have been applied to nuclear reactor and economic computations.

He was elected as the Member of CAS (the Chinese Academy of Sciences) in 1993 and the Member of TWAS (the Third World Academy of Sciences) in 1999. He received the First Prize of Natural Sciences of CAS in 1989, the Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merit in the Mathematical Sciences from Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 2001.

SIAM is an international community, which exists to ensure the strongest interactions between mathematics and other scientific and technological communities through membership activities, publication of journals and books, and conferences. SIAM named 31 academics and professionals to its 2015 Class of Fellows for their outstanding contributions to applied mathematics and computational science through research in the field and service to the larger community on March, 31, 2015.


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