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Prof. Villani Cédric Gave a Lecture at NCMIS
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Professor Villani Cédric, Institut Henri Poincare & IUF, Universite Lyon 1, France , gave a lecture titled “Landau Damping and beyond” at NCMIS on 16,January ,2016.

In his talk, in 2009 Clement Mouhot and he solved an old problem of mathematical physics named" give a sound logical basis to Landau damping" which was the property of a plasma to spontaneously damp electric perturbations even though there was no friction or entropy increase. He explained some of the key ingredients, and how this research was taken back and improved by Nader Masmoudi, Jacob Bedrossian and collaborators to make some progress in tough problems of fluid mechanics.

Professor Villani Cédric is the Fields winner and the Fellow of Institut de France.


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