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  Circumferences in 1-tough graphs   【2013.8.21 10:00am, S703】
  Loosely Coupled Parallel Computation of Leading Part Singular Value Decomposition   【2013.8.21 9:30am, Z311】
  On the dynamics of quasi-periodically perturbed homoclinic solutions   【2013.8.19 4:00pm, S703】
  Submodular Optimization: A Tutorial   【2013.8.16 4:00pm, S1013】
  Tail Asymptotic Result of the Max Strain Failure Probability   【2013.8.16 4:00pm, Z301】
  Sampling-type Reconstruction Methods for Inverse Scattering Problems   【2013.8.16 3:00pm, Z311】
  Pseudospectrum for Oseen vortices operators   【2013.8.16 10:30am, S703】
  Two-grid methods for a class of nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems   【2013.8.16 10:00am, S704】
  Irreducibility and the distribution of some exponential sums   【2013.8.16 10:00am, S704】
  Some Efficient Domain Decomposition Methods for a Class of Inverse Problems   【2013.8.15 4:30pm, S712】
  Selected topics on the Willmore functional   【2013.8.14 4:00pm, S703】
  Computing partial differential equations on point clouds   【2013.8.14 10:00am,Z311】
  IBVP for Boussinesq system with nonlinear heat diffusion   【2013.8.12 4:00pm,S1013】
  Uniqueness for the 2-D Euler equations on domains with corners   【2013.8.10 4:00-5:00pm,C410】
  Multi-solitons and related solutions for the water-waves system   【2013.8.10 3:00-4:00pm,C410】
  Coagulation-Fragmentation model without detailed balance for animal group-size statistics   【2013.8.8 4:00-5:00pm,C410】
  Large time blow up for a perturbation of the cubic Szeg\H{o} equation   【2013.7.26 4:00-5:00pm,C510】
  Regularity Problems Related to Some Navier-Stokes Type Models   【2013.7.26 3:00-4:00pm,C510】
  Some random thoughts on Big Data   【2013.7.22 2:00pm,S712】
  Simulated Stochastic Approximation Annealing for Global Optimization with a Square-Root Cooling Schedule   【2013.7.16 9:30-10:30am,S309】
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